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Las Vegas - In its booth in the Plug In Pavilion (Booth #SL3927), Imagineer Systems is debuting mocha v2, a reengineered version of its flagship planar tracking and roto station, mocha. Built on Imagineer’s 2.5D planar tracking technology, mocha is designed to solve complex, labor-intensive tracking and roto challenges in the VFX industry.

With the release of mocha v2, Imagineer is adding new enhancements, including 64-bit support; an enhanced, streamlined user interface; improved licensing activation; and support for Nuke 6.0, Nuke X and Apple Motion.

Features in Version 2 include:

Improved User Interface: mocha’s new interface and icons have been improved to streamline usability and make the software easier to learn. New functions such as the "viewer brightness control" button now enhance the matte creation process for roto artists.

Improved licensing activation: mocha users can now activate and deactivate licenses for use on multiple systems.

Re-engineered for 64-bit operating system support: mocha v2 on Mac Snow Leopard, Windows 64 bit and Linux handles longer high resolution clips more efficiently.

Stabilize and smooth module: New stabilize module allows users to preview and export stabilized and smoothed tracking data. Lock down footage on x/y transformations, scale, rotation, shear and perspective. Frame Range function allows users to smooth camera motion and remove jitter while retaining the original camera movement.

Nuke 6.0 & Nuke X support, and Apple Motion support.

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