PC or Console?
Jeremy Mortenson, Crucial DRAM Sr. Product Marketing Manager
June 14, 2016

PC or Console?

Today’s gamers are faced with a choice of platforms, including: PC, console, or both. If gamers want to play recreationally from time to time, they’ll typically opt for a simpler gaming platform like console games. But if gamers are looking for an extreme gaming experience that can’t be mass-produced, they will hands-down opt for PC gaming. Amongst serious gamers, it’s no secret – PC gaming absolutely crushes console gaming.

Additionally, PCs are designed for gaming enthusiasts who don’t want their game play to be constrained by performance limitations. Here are some other facts about console gaming systems that often go overlooked:

Consoles are simple and easy to use, but lack the power of a PC – making them slow and sluggish. 

Gamers choose consoles because they don’t have to upgrade their hardware. However, they fail to realize that their gaming experience is restrained by slower console requirements.

Consoles are popular for delivering gaming to the masses. While their number is large, they simply can’t compete with the diehard PC gaming community.

Gamers often think that consoles deliver a better multiplayer experience. In reality, gamers are constrained by the speed of the console manufacturer’s servers; and with newer consoles, the game typically requires additional subscription fees.

Consoles are famous for their exclusive game titles. However, most popular console games are also available on a PC. That said, some of the best PC games aren’t playable on consoles because they simply lack the power these high-performance games demand.

Consoles cost less than a high-powered PC. With today’s PC component prices, it is possible to build a gaming PC that outperforms a console for less than the cost of the newest next-gen console.

Consoles provide wireless controllers, and playing on your TV make consoles built for your living room. But how can PC gamers relax when they’re in the middle of a critical mission and victory is on the line? 

Since PC gaming lends itself to a better gameplay experience, here are a few easy steps gamers can take to improve their PC performance and transform their visual experience: 

To increase performance: We recommend that PC gamers build their own systems to be as powerful as they want by choosing the motherboard, processor, memory, storage, and graphics card. While some may say it’s expensive to be a PC gamer, they are behind the wheel of how much money they spend and what kind of rig they build. PC gamers have the flexibility of building a powerful system that they can use for far more than just gaming.

To experience stunning visuals that transform gaming: Spectacular graphics make dominating the competition even better. We recommend outfitting your PC so you can achieve 4K quality, while most current consoles can only reach 1080p. Consoles are also limited to only one TV, while PCs can be strategically played on multiple screens – track the movement of your enemies on one monitor while gamers stealthily take them down on another. 

To increase your PC gaming operation: As gamers are building their rig, they can make the differences between PC and console gaming even more noticeable. We recommend selecting memory that is designed to boot up and jump into the game instantly with an SSD. It also gets near-instant responsiveness, better integrated graphics performance, and militaristic aggression with memory that’s engineered for hardcore performance.

The tips above are designed to make the gaming experience more like the exhilarating feeling you get when your foot hits the gas the pedal in a sports car. Because at the end of the day, no one really wants to drive a minivan. 

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