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World Class
Published Date: 15-Jan-2013
Cintiq-driven university experience helps animator find footing in cartoon education company.
Animation Mentor's New Pipeline & Curriculum
Published Date: 15-Jan-2013
Following the Animation Mentor announcement about its new pipeline and new curriculum (see related story in news), CGW Chief Editor Karen Moltenbrey spoke to Ben Fischler, curriculum director at Anima ...
'DR0NE' On
Published Date: 3-Jan-2013
Origami Digital delivers feature film-level visual effects for Web series with Virtual Studio Tools in LightWave 11 3D modeling and animation software.
'Anna Karenina'
Published Date: 3-Jan-2013
As sole visual effects studio for one of this year’s epic films, One Of Us completed over 100 visual effects shots, which helped to realize the fantastic backdrop to the famous and scandalous love sto ...
'Cloud Atlas'
Published Date: 19-Dec-2012
Using CG to create the past, present, and future in Cloud Atlas.
Codex Fuels 'Life Of Pi' Workflow
Published Date: 18-Dec-2012
Codex recorders capture stereo streams from paired Arri Alexa cameras used to shoot the 3D movie.
Magical Performance
Published Date: 13-Dec-2012
Christie HD10K-M projectors, AutoStack and Twist capture Native American tradition on stage at Tillicum Village for a graphic cultural experience.
VIEW Conference
Published Date: 6-Dec-2012
Growing the Community: Participants applaud the 13th annual VIEW conference.
Visual Effects Society
Published Date: 6-Dec-2012
LOS ANGELES — The Visual Effects Society Technology Committee ( has released its white paper titled “Cinematic Color: From Your Monitor to the Big Screen.”
Review: Autodesk Maya 2013
Published Date: 4-Dec-2012
Autodesk’s Maya saw another release this year, and it will still be some time yet until the 2014 versions are available. So until then, we examine Maya 2013.
Getting Realistic
Published Date: 28-Nov-2012
Saving the World from Polygons: Moving toward the complete modeling of real things.
Intelligence Gathered
Published Date: 19-Nov-2012
Bradley Munkowitz and Navarro Parker talk about the GFX they created for Sony’s Skyfall-inspired broadcast spot.
Published Date: 19-Nov-2012
VFX used in hypnotic opening sequence.
Just A Thought
Published Date: 19-Nov-2012
Stanford researchers have designed the fastest, most accurate mathematical algorithm yet for brain-implantable prosthetic systems that can help disabled people maneuver computer cursors with their tho ...
Adobe Creative Suite 6
Published Date: 6-Nov-2012
CGW Contributing Editor George Maestri puts Adobe CS6 through its paces.
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