Eyeon's 3D Stereo Tools Enter New Dimension

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Amsterdam - Eyeon Software Inc. has announced eyeon Dimension, a Supercomputing Optical Flow-based toolset developed to address the challenges of today's stereoscopic 3D (S3D) workflow.

Eyeon Dimension is designed to provide stereo production facilities the ability to achieve essential image estimation techniques quickly and cost effectively. With a number of feature films taking Dimension from proof-of-concept to production proven, the focus has been to solve a number of real-world S3D production complications, such as:

Polarization color differences from mirror rigs
Defocus differences from two cameras
Timing sync differences between two cameras for temporal consistency
Alignment tools
Re-convergence and eye separation generation
Interaxial shifting

Replacement of missing frames
Disparity generation
Disparity to Depth and Depth to Disparity transformations

Accurate S3D duplicates the binocular view of the human visual system, representing points visible to the left and right eye.

Eyeon Dimension, anticipated to ship in the fall of 2011, is priced at $995.

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