EditShare Reveals Phase Two of Lightworks Open Source Initiative
September 12, 2011

EditShare Reveals Phase Two of Lightworks Open Source Initiative

Amsterdam - EditShare announces Phase Two of the Lightworks Open Source initiative, including a three-tier Lightworks membership program; new editing and workflow capabilities, including a native titling tool, stereoscopic support, and advanced interoperability; and a new keyboard designed specifically for Lightworks functions and shortcuts.



The Lightworks Open Source initiative is an open-source project for a professional nonlinear editing platform. EditShare is rolling out the initiative over four phases. Phase One, completed in November 2010, introduced Lightworks as a free download and launched the Lightworks Community.


The Phase Two roll out includes codec licensing through a three-tier membership program, new must-have editing features, and a new keyboard customized for Lightworks. The company plans to launch Phase Three at the end of 2011, offering the Lightworks editor for all three platforms; Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Phase Four, the rollout of the open source code to the entire community, is scheduled for completion in Q3 2012.


In response to user requests for additional features and third-party integration, the Phase Two roll out includes a new three-tier model for membership in the Lightworks Community. The current Free Membership level includes a free Lightworks license and participation in the very active, online Community forum. Members in the Educational and Professional tiers will pay a small annual fee for access to the full version of Lightworks, including all licensable options such as professional codecs.


Lightworks Free Membership: no cost per year

Lightworks Educational Membership: £20, €25, $30 per year

Lightworks Professional Membership: £40, €50, $60 per year


New features and capabilities will be available to Education and Professional Lightworks Members on 29 November 2011 and include:

Native support for professional codecs and other formatsProRes

  • Red R3D
  • DPX
  • AVC-Intra
  • AVCHD / H.264
  • IMX

*Due to licensing restrictions, Avid DNxHD will be sold separately and available from the web store for £36, €45, $55. This is a one-off cost and not an annual subscription.