DVS Presents VENICE with JPEG2000 and AVC-Ultra Support
September 13, 2011

DVS Presents VENICE with JPEG2000 and AVC-Ultra Support

Amsterdam - DVS is highlighting its multichannel broadcast video server VENICE at IBC Stand 7-E25.

VENICE supports Avid systems ISIS and Interplay, handles stereo 3D material, and works with high-quality codecs, such as JPEG2000 and AVC-Intra 200.

VENICE supports JPEG2000, the high-quality B2B mezzanine exchange format used both in the broadcast and digital film environment. DVS's DI workstation CLIPSTER has been supporting JPEG2000 for many years--now the VENICE video server benefits from this experience. VENICE can ingest and play out JPEG2000 in real time, as well as transcode at high speeds.

DVS has added the Panasonic AVC-Ultra codec series to the VENICE portfolio. AVC-Intra Class 200, an intraframe-based technology from Panasonic, is part of the AVC-Ultra group of codecs that offers broadcasters interoperability with P2 materials with frame rates of up to 1080p60 for even higher picture quality and future-proof workflows. VENICE also supports the AVC-Intra 3D stereo function P2-3D, which is also part of the AVC-Ultra group.

VENICE supports Avid's ISIS storage system and Interplay Media and Production Asset Management System. The ability to work with Avid systems allows live video ingest and outgest via HD-SDI, as well as file ingest of Professional Discs and P2 storage media using VENICE. VENICE can be used for 3D ingest and 3D play-out, ensuring a seamless stereoscopic live workflow in maximum quality. Equipped with the integrated STAN (Stereoscopic Analyzer) software, the DVS video server analyzes and corrects all key parameters, such as picture geometry, depth budget, and stereo baseline all in real time, and fine tunes both the ingest and play-out of stereoscopic 3D material in HD.