Autodesk Unveils Smoke for OS X, More Updates
September 15, 2011

Autodesk Unveils Smoke for OS X, More Updates

San Rafael, Calif. - Autodesk is demonstrating the latest version of Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS X editorial finishing software, along with the latest versions of the company's 3D visual effects software for television, film, and postproduction: Autodesk Flame Premium software, which launched at IBC 2010, and Autodesk Flare software, which launched at IBC 2009.

Autodesk is also highlighting interoperability improvements and collaborative workflows between the creative finishing suite of products and the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites through a series of guest presentations and product demonstrations.

At IBC, Autodesk is demonstrating how its Digital Entertainment Creation solutions facilitate 3D data interchange from previsualization to postproduction, while helping maximize creative capabilities and pipeline efficiency for high-quality graphic, commercial, and promo work.

Presentations feature 3D relighting tools for next-generation look development, a holistic stereoscopic 3D pipeline with real-time color grading, visual effects, and 3D re-dimensionalization and the advantages of consolidating editing, color, and 3D visual effects, into a comprehensive finishing solution on the Mac.

Autodesk Media & Entertainment is showing the recently released Subscription Advantage packs and extension releases with new technological enhancements, as an exclusive to Autodesk Subscription customers.

The following Autodesk 2012 products will be featured at the booth:

• Autodesk Smoke for editing, color and 3D visual effects 
• Autodesk Flame Premium, a single solution for 3D visual effects and look development with innovative tools for interactive 3D compositing and color grading 
• Autodesk Flare, a powerful 3D node-based compositing assistant with the full creative toolset of Autodesk Flame
• Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite and Autodesk 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite software for high-end motion graphics, computer animation and visual effects.

Autodesk Customer Showcase
• Senior VFX Artist Jason Farrow of ENVY Post (UK) will present the company's work using Smoke for the televisions spots for the popular reality show "Britain's Next Top Model"
• VFX Supervisor Matthew Unwin and Stereographer Christopher Anthony Vincze of MPC (UK) will present how Flame Premium and Maya were used to create and combine fully CG environments, animated characters and live-action footage for a :60 second stereographic film to promote SKY Movies in the UK and Ireland.

AREA TV - - exclusive content and live streaming from the show floor starting Sept. 9
• Demos of the latest Autodesk releases 
• Interviews with guest presenters and strategic partners
• Behind-the-scenes and feature videos