3D Visual Enterprises Launches Delta 4k S3d Meduza Optic
September 15, 2011

3D Visual Enterprises Launches Delta 4k S3d Meduza Optic

Irvine, Calif.- Meduza Systems, producer of the Meduza Camera, is launching the Delta 4K S3D Meduza Lens, the first built-for-purpose, matched pair, 3D lenses designed by Kenji Suematsu, at the IBC Conference.

The Delta 4K S3D Meduza lens set has been designed and built to deliver super-high precision, not only in the glass, but also in the motorized focus and iris controls. The lenses of the series are uniquely optically matched and sold in pairs, and each lens has been constructed to fit into a compact 38mm wide mechanical barrel to allow for very close inter-axial positioning that is critical to S3D.

Meduza set out to redefine the 2D optics that have previously been rather large, heavy, bulky design film lenses, never built to the tolerances of S3D use. While a lens may indicate 50 mm, in reality it may be a 48.5 mm and the next lens a 49.9mm. Color and distortion from one lens to the next could also be quite far off. All of this creates added work and costs in post-production. Most importantly, larger format film lenses are just not capable of the resolution requirements of the new generation of small compact 4K sensors, therefore, not optimal for S3D work.

The 16-piece optical set has been designed specifically to accommodate motorized focus and iris controls. The iris and focus rings, which float on a set of 50 micro ball bearings will be supported by the forthcoming Preston 3D controller.