Eyeon Software Debuts Fusion Developer
September 15, 2010

Eyeon Software Debuts Fusion Developer

"We believe that the future is in GPU-accelerated, OpenCL supercomputing. By providing this new development environment, we are anticipating that many others will also soon adopt this direction. With the likes of ILM and other major companies now coding for the GPU, we have seen a major shift in the
understanding of the benefits of hardware-accelerated software. Uncharted Territory recently clocked 10 seconds per frame on shots that once took over 120 minutes per frame, benchmarking significant improvements in their workflow," says Joanne Dicaire, director of Sales and Marketing, eyeon Software Inc.

The new SDK package hosts advancements in the development environment, including an updated 3D SDK.

Fusion Developer also includes:

General / 2D SDK
3D / GPU shader development framework
OpenCL supercomputing development framework
OFX hosting framework
FuseScripting environment
RenderMan Interface render output