EVS unveils MediaArchiveDirector at IBC2010
September 13, 2010

EVS unveils MediaArchiveDirector at IBC2010

Liege, Belgium – EVS will showcase at IBC2010 MediArchiveDirector, its new solution for archive browsing and content delivery.
MediArchiveDirector was designed to meet the growing need of rights holders, broadcasters, and production companies to maximize the exploitation of archived A/V content and television programs. MediArchiveDirector relies on the latest broadcast production technologies, along with solutions that have already been implemented on major sports events and at large studio production centers. The system offers an architecture that integrates content digitization, logging and online media storage, browsing, repurposing, as well as delivery in any kind of format and on any type of support. “Archived audio-visual content is insufficiently exploited at the moment,” says Pierre L’Hoest, CEO of EVS. “Especially when it involves accessing media backed up on tape and duplicating it on different types of platforms.

More and more broadcasters are working on a short-term basis and seeking simple and reliable ways to gain access to relevant content for their programs and productions. Our solution aims to add value to archived content by offering an effective means to access it and make it available on any platform.” The audio and video content acquisition is based on EVS’ XT loop recording technology, insuring reliability. In the sports media environment, content recorded in mobile units, such as broadcast feed, multi-camera angles or highlights, are enriched with descriptive metadata for quick and easy browsing. All recorded material, along with its associated logs, is immediately centralized in XStoreSAN, an online and scalable storage platform. All of the archived content can be instantly accessed and easily identified through the new web client interface, which uses the advanced log-sheet for easy search. In addition to the online search, the interface allows users to choose and to create sub-clips. The videos selected can then be imported on any media and in any format. MediArchiveDirector runs all media transfers and delivery orders through the web-client. It automatically manages media conforming processes (e.g. rewrapping, transcoding, downgrading) according to specific customer requirements.

The system automates multiple robots for content duplication and delivery on various platforms, including Blue-Ray, FTP, tapes, post-production transfers via GiGE network, and satellite. It also guarantees a centralized monitoring of ongoing media delivery operations, allowing GC conformity checks, statistics, and invoicing. Pierre L’Hoest added: “Our new solution aims to bring added value to the content of rights holders and broadcasters through multimedia and multiplatform delivery.” The new system will be demonstrated at IBC2010, booth 8B.90 (hall8).