ASSIMILATE Integrates LightSpace CMS with SCRATCH
September 13, 2010

ASSIMILATE Integrates LightSpace CMS with SCRATCH

Santa Clara, Calif. – ASSIMILATE announced the integration of Light Illusion's LightSpace CMS (color management system) with its real-time SCRATCH Digital Finishing Solution. LightSpace CMS will enable SCRATCH users to provide a completely calibrated color workflow for all grading and finishing operations, guaranteeing accurate and repeatable color calibration regardless of the eventual distribution and display requirements.
Workflow calibration is a very straightforward process, but one that needs to cover the full range of display devices from monitors to projectors. With the LightSpace integration, any SCRATCH system will auto-generates pre-defined color patches in sequence, which are read by a colorimeter probe, all under the control of LightSpace CMS. From this profile data, LightSpace gains a full understanding of the display chain and produces calibrated LUTs that are sent back to SCRATCH to correct the output.

"With the huge range of display options in use in the digital intermediate (DI) process, color calibration of the entire workflow has become very important," said Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion. "Being able to manage all aspects of calibration is vital for every facility performing high-end color grading, and I think this development will be welcomed by SCRATCH users world-wide."

“Proper color management is critical in the DI process,” says Jeff Edson, CEO at ASSIMILATE. “Best-of-breed tools like LightSpace gives SCRATCH users another ease-of-use, top-performance resource for their real-time DI tool suite.”