Perforce Software Unveils Commons Collaboration Tool

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ALAMEDA, CA — Perforce Software has announced Perforce Commons, a document collaboration tool that ensures business professionals can more productively work together on files. Commons supports all types of files, from the largest binary objects to the smallest image files, and has powerful merge capabilities for the most common document types, including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Because it keeps track of the complete history of any file, business teams can save time and trouble in finding, revising and collaborating on documents.

Document collaboration issues, such as merging multiple edits into a single document or confusion over the most current version of a file, occur as documents pass through many workers and many versions. These issues occur frequently and take a sizeable toll on productivity. Commons offers users the ability to Drag-and-drop files and follow clear prompts to collaborate without conflict. Moreover, colleagues can work in parallel without writing over each other's contributions. The files are easy to find and share, enabling users to always have the most up-to-date version.

Commons is available at Teams of up to 20 users can use Commons free of charge. It is also free to all existing users of Perforce Software Version Management products. Commons pricing starts at $12 per month for new users with quantity discounts available.

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