Total Immersion Launches D'Fusion For Unity
March 5, 2012

Total Immersion Launches D'Fusion For Unity

Total Immersion is showing off D'Fusion's gameplay capabilities at Intel's GDC 2012 booth with a demo of an AR Formula 1 game. The game pushes the CPU of the Intel Ultrabook platform to its full capacity with a rich, immersive scenario leveraging D'Fusion's computer vision capacities with the simultaneous tracking of the player's face and a printed wheel for a realistic F1 race experience.

Game developers are also able to attend a 15-minute software demo of the D'Fusion SDK every day during the show.
"D'Fusion for Unity will enable serious game developers to take advantage of the most advanced and sophisticated AR features on the market to create exciting, new immersive gameplay experiences," says Bruno Uzzan, co-founder and CEO of Total Immersion. "We are thrilled to be working with Unity Technologies to unlock the potential of AR in gaming."
"By delivering AR experiences to Ultrabooks, Total Immersion further extends the innovative capabilities of these ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive mobile devices," adds Jean-Pierre Navarro, global account manager at Intel.