OptiTrack Intros $1K Mocap Camera

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SAN FRANCISCO — OptiTrack (www.optitrack.com) has introduced a 1.3 megapixel motion capture camera that’s priced under $1k. The Flex 13 boasts 1.3 million pixels of resolution, a 120fps sample rate, and a 56-degree field of view.

The combination of an expansive field of view and 1.3MP sensor resolution enables the Flex 13 to track complex, multiple-actor scenes with a high volume-to-setup ratio. When deployed with the stock 56-degree lens in a standard 20’x20’ arrangement, the camera can attain an active capture area that is among the largest in the industry.

“Mocap technicians asked for larger volumes, and we’ve built the perfect camera in response,” says OptiTrack president Jim Richardson. “The Flex 13 addresses this need with the added benefit of a simpler setup and calibration process — and at 1.3 megapixels, it offers the cleanest data that $1K can buy. This new camera is actually a reflection of our roots. We turned the market on its head five years ago with a bold message — motion capture can and should be affordable. Then we made sure that it was. The Flex 13 is the next step in the democratization process — affordable mocap tuned for demanding capture applications.”

The Flex 13 is available for preorder now at $999 and is scheduled to ship in April.

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