Mechdyne and Unity Technologies Demonstrate New Software
March 1, 2011

Mechdyne and Unity Technologies Demonstrate New Software

GetReal3D for Unity, a Unity plug‐in, supports stereo 3D, multiple video channels, viewer‐centric perspective (head tracking), and tracked interaction. These technologies give Unity‐based simulations the power of a real life experience. As a result, a wide spectrum of mainstream industries will benefit through applications such as product simulations, architectural walk‐throughs and training for military, medical, and first responders.

With getReal3D for Unity, users will be able to create visually stunning interactive content in a fraction of the time and money currently required.

“The addition of immersive visualization as a new platform for Unity is incredibly exciting,” says Nicholas Francis, chief creative officer of Unity Technologies. “Unity is already used by architects, for medical imaging, and in other fields. We look forward to working with new developers who will use the platform in new areas beyond our traditional user base and take Unity to new places.”

GetReal3D for Unity is expected to be available in the spring of 2011 for single computers. A version supporting PC clusters, for even higher realism and performance, is planned for a fall 2011 release.