Portfolio March 2011 - Various Artists

Arabian Oryx
The Oryx began as a test and ended up as a full animation. We are particularly proud of this one as it represents one of the few.
Durrat Al-Bahrain – Villas
Hamoor Fish
One of the most famous fish in the Gulf and the star of the Durrat al Bahrain animation. The textures are taken from a real hamour and the model was rigged with gauges to control its movements.
Durrat Al Bahrain - Villa Interiors
Durrat Al Bahrain wanted us to develop an animation for the interiors of the villas on the development and this was the result. An interior decorator chose the furniture and we did the rest.
Silver Unicorn
The "Silver Unicorn", I have always been very fascinated with this beautiful creature, I have created it the way I imagined. The creature is mystical & magical, not seen by man. here it looks as if it stopped for a second to examine you with intelligence, almost as if it wonders....again it looks mysterious and almost dark...
Little Who' & 'Crazy smiley' & 'Eye Contact
WTC Bahrain- All 2006 image at night
Interior for VIP
The Old Wizard
Just an Old wise wizard, looking and thinking about his next magical spell that he wants to cast... This image was created in about one week testing with modo, I was testing my skills again with Modo tools for fun, all the objects and scenes and textures and finally rendered on modo.
This image was a continuation to the sculpt that I started 5 days back for the Lux.TV called Anatomy using the latest tools for Modo, and after feeling the flexibility satisfaction it gave me, I called this image Freedom.. the limits have been just raised again
Monster of the Deep
Here is a character that was created for The Imagine FX Magazine in UK, it was created as a tutorial to show the steps that khalid works in to create a sculpt in ZB, then paint it , and how to take that info around to different aps like Lightwave and Modo, it will include videos that would go up to one hour of material, this is available now on the Imagine FX Magazine vol. 30
Cat Senses
Here is a new Image that I have created from the model that I sculpt last month for Lux TV, It took about two day to set up on Modo 301, hope you enjoy.


Bahrain artist Khalid Al-Muharraqi, owner of Muharraqi-Studios, often incorporates the style of the Middle East into his work. In fact, the Portfolio section in the March 2011 issue showcases a number of of these images. While Muharraqi embraces this culture in his art, he does not limit himself to the style of the Middle East, as evidenced here.

“I try to reflect in my work the things that I am interested in,” he says. Muharraqi uses a range of content creation tools for his work. His main software is NewTek’s LightWave, although he also utilizes Pixologic’s ZBrush, Adobe’s Photoshop, and Luxology’s Modo.