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Portfolio - Oct/Nov 2011
Art of Pixar On November 22, 1995, Pixar Animation Studios forever impacted the future of fi lmmaking, storytelling, and the medium of animation with its first feature film, Toy Story. Released nine ...
Portfolio - June/July 2011
Animated shorts. Commercials. Visual effects for live action. Games. Music videos. Long animated short fi lms. Scientifi c animations. Real-time animations. Images from all these genres and more will ...
Portfolio March 2011
Bahrain artist Khalid Al-Muharraqi, owner of Muharraqi-Studios, often incorporates the style of the Middle East into his work. In fact, the Portfolio section in the March 2011 issue showcases a number ...
Portfolio - January/February 2011
Digital art encompasses many forms: sculptures created with 3D software and output using rapid prototyping, stunning virtual landscapes, beautifully rendered 3D objects or scenes, and ...
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