Portfolio - April 2010 - Unleashed: The Art of Naughty Dog

Buggle Takeoff Shaddy Safadi
Buggle Takeoff Shaddy Safadi was inspired for this piece while trekking in Northern Borneo, where she visited Deer Cave.
The Life Giver
An all-digital piece by Genesis Prado. “I was trying to portray how the nymphs of the forest give and take life as an example of a cycle of life. I wanted to portray life as something to be cherished and not taken for granted.”
Annapurna Base Camp
Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa’s panorama of the Annapurna South mountain at sunrise. Photos from the trip were heavily used as reference for Uncharted 2.
Home Sweet Home
Melissa Altobello created this piece wherein the ground crumbled away, in a nod to the recent natural disasters.
A digital photograph that was part of a lighting experiment by Hong Ly.
Escape #1
Andrew Kim strived for a simple but dynamic scene in a steampunk/sci-fi style. Strong diagonal lines in perspective made this possible, and a simple background made the characters/objects stand out.
Steam Punk Village
A painting by Robh Ruppel following completion of Uncharted 2.
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