Siggraph 2009 CAF - Part 2 - Siggraph Computer Animation Festival

As One
By Makoto Yabuki from Tangram Co. Ltd. in Japan.
The Malaria Lifecycle
By Drew Berry from The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia.
Apres la Pluie
By Charles-Andre Lefebvre, Manuel Tanon-Tchi, Louis Tardivier, Sebastien Vovau, and Emmanuelle Walker from Gobelins l’ecole de l’image in France.
By Nico Casavecchia from boolab in Spain.
By David Muth of the Royal College of Art in the UK.
House of Numbers: Animation of the Replication of HIV
By Brent Long from Emagination-Media in the US.
By Guy Ben Shetrit from Anova Music in Israel.
By Tetsuka Niiyama from Taiyo Kikaku Co. Ltd. in Japan.
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