Portfolio - May 2009 - Siggraph Asia Art Gallery

[un]wired By John Fillwalk
Jesse Allison, and Keith Kothman from the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University, US; from the Art Gallery. This live-processing installation responds to interactions from personal radio-frequency devices such as mobile phones and WiFi signals.
Kazuma Morino Works By Kazuma Morino
from the curated work. The film, from which this still was taken, plays with skeletal arrangements of pre-fab parts to create images reflective of contemporary building blocks.
Movement 11 By Alain Bittler
France; from the Art Gallery. The image, an expression of energy from a virtual dancer, shows the vibration of his virtual movements within the universe.
Breathing Chaos Fluidity By Sachiko Kodama
from the curated work. This still is part of a collection of ferrofluid art.
Tactile Cloud Landscape By Kumiko Kushiyama
from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan; from the Art Gallery. A simulation of a natural landscape becomes tactile artwork that interactively expresses images and movements of clouds. Images and tactile sensations incorporating the soft movements of clouds interact simultaneously to create a tactile display that reacts to human contact.
Statified Collaborative Storytelling in Dissociative Identity Disorders By Matthew Smith and Even Boucher from Drexel University, US; from the Art Gallery. In this installation, different plot elements are presented based on the viewer’s movement within a physical space. The space works as both a form of interaction and a method of presenting story elements.
Imaginary Numbers By Keiko Kimoto
from the curated work. These images were produced with a numerical formula and then developed into various media.
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