Portfolio - Dec 2009 - Siggraph Art Gallery

Complex Form in Timber
Fabien Scheuer. Construction of free-form architecture in timber using parametric design and computer-controlled fabrication tools.
Holy Ghost
Lionel Theodore Dean. A chair designed using genetic algorithms to determine modifications to the iconic Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck.
Pluripotent Structures
Ferda Kolatan. An investigation into adaptive and variable formal and structural organizations that have more than one possible outcome.
Ground Substance: Ceramic-Textile Sculpture
Jenny E. Sabin, Sabin+Jones LabStudio. A hybrid architectural design and biological research unit that demonstrates new modes of thinking in design and material construction.
Morning Line
Chris Lasch and Benjamin Aranda. This “semasiographic building” form is derived from naturally occurring geometries whose logic has been unraveled and worked into algorithms used to design the structure.
Schlara Lantern
Greg Lynn. A large, volumetric lantern made of translucent fiberglass composite panels formed on CNC-milled molds.
Ground Substance: Models
Sabin+Jones LabStudio. (See above for description.)
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