Artist: Timothy Wallace

These images come from a series called "Colony" that artist Timothy Wallace has been working on for at least nine months. Colony began as a single image called Zed 1000, which served mostly as a self tutorial on 3D Studio Max, says Wallace. Now he has 26 images. "I started getting a lot of feedback from the 3D users community on the Web," he says. "People kept asking if I had a story or if it was just a series of images. I am currently working on a story for it. I'm writing it in novel format and will later convert it into a screenplay and storyboard for animation purposes." Wallace uses 3D Studio Max R2 for modeling, animation, and rendering. He creates textures with original scanned materials or manipulated bitmaps supplied by Kinetix and then uses Photoshop or Detailer for enhancements. You can see more of Wallace's work at his Web site.