Artist: Tile


Walter (Waldo) Muncaster is a retired computer specialist in Montgomery, AL, USA. The "wallpaper tile" design shown here was done in Corel Photo Paint v8.0. In addition to using Corel, Waldo creates 3D graphics using OpenGL generated via trigonometric functions.

Waldo has been creating abstract artwork since 1969 and describes his love of geometric wallpaper art as an "obsession." His Web site ( has attracted nearly one million visitors since he began creating and posting images.

"One of the most important aspects of my life is computing," Waldo says. "My early training and involvement with computers was software systems design and programming (I do nine programming languages, the most recent being Perl and Java.). With programming and trigonometry as the foundation for effective computer 3D graphics, there is virtually no limit to the artistic creativity of a programmer today. I am happy to participate in this creative era by making my art available to all who need or want it."