Artist: Armored Robot

"Armored robot"

Manoj Mantri is president of West Wood Works, a company that specializes in 3D modeling and animation. A native of India, Mantri wanted to be an artist since the age of five. He graduated from the Raheja School of Art and moved to Japan to study animation in 1985. He graduated from the Yoyogi Animation School with the Ishiguro Award, married a Japanese woman, and started working in Japan.

Armored Robot was modeled in 3D Studio Max R3. The texture mapping was done using Unwrap UVW. The graphic contains 207,941 vertices and 405,654 faces.

Mantri works on a 500-MHz Pentium III with 512 KB of cache. He now lives and works in Chiba, Japan. More of his work can be seen at: