Artist - Valentino Szemere

3D ILLUSTRATIONS & EXPERIMENTSI use Maxon' Cinema 4D almost daily in my work, but I also like to experiment on my own.

After a painting by Frederic Edwin Church (May 4, 1826 - April 7, 1900). This picture has been chosen by MAXON to illustrate one of the pages of their website. Palm trees and vegetation were created starting with a few basic leaf shapes multiplied with a cloner obj and random effect.


I'm an italian Graphic Designer, Product Designer and 3D artist living and working in Switzerland.

I have an extensive portfolio fo 3D renders and illustrations, which you can see in my private website ( - please find on page 2 the relevant section - and my Studio website (

Various works of mine have been requested by Maxon (makers of Cinema 4D) for their gallery and website.

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