Artist - Earl Einhorn

The Earl
This picture is a little more complicated. It is very difficult to get anything to look like a face.

I tried to get some type of energy out of the picture so it would feel or would convey feeling. This would make it less digital. If you keep looking at "Looking", it will start looking at you.

Color Balance
I tried to mathematically balance the colors so everytime you looked at a specific color it would become the main color. The factors are intensity and surface area. The surface areas are seperated using the architecture of an eight dimensional hypercube.


I have been on the Computer 45 years, when IBM put out there Big 360/65 at Equitable life. It took up the whole 16th Floor. I always knew the computer would take over but from the beginning I knew if I wanted to print my pictures I needed at least 300DPI. My pictures run over 200mb and when printed look like oil paintings. Photographs never, to my taste, look like paintings. The images should be computer drawn,programmed,generated etc. I spend thousands of hours trying to create pictures but some close friends still think the computer did it and how can it be art. The acceptance of art done with the use of a computer will take awhile to absorb. As the computer gets faster and faster it will all go to the computer.

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