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July/August 2011
Sanjay Singh, a Computer Science graduate from India, started his career in the animation industry as a modeling and texturing artist five years ago. He later trained artists in 3D production, and now ...
CGHUB Warriors Challenge Winners
The CGHUB Warriors Challenge was a 3D modeling and scultping challenge. With 400+ participants, about 65+ final entries, the contest ran for 3 months from October 15 2010 - January 15 2011, with a 15 ...
March/April 2011
Khalid Al-Muharraqi Bahrain artist Khalid Al-Muharraqi, owner of Muharraqi-Studios, often incorporates the style of the Middle East into his work. In fact, the Portfolio section in the March 2011 ...
January/February 2011
Rizal Ulum Rizal Ulum, from Bandung, Indonesia, was a 3D hobbyist with a background in animal husbandry. Ulum loves to create art, especially 3D artwork. It is no longer "just a hobby," he says, "but ...

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