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November/December 2009
Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator, cartoonist, and historian, living and working in Dublin. He is a member of the IGI (Illustrators Guild of Ireland) and AI (Associazione Illustratori Italiani) ...
September/October 2009
Sandro Ghezzani is an Italian architect, graduated at the University of Florence, and lives in Italy. He is specialized in bio-architecture and acoustic analysis/project. He is working in a studio ...
July/August 2009
Anna Ursyn uses the computer on different levels: first, by drawing abstract geometric designs for executing her computer programs. Some of the computer programs produce two-dimensional images; others ...
May/June 2009
Ryan Zak’s induction into digital content creation is as unique as his art. “I actually worked as a financial analyst, internal auditing and investigations, for several years, when a friend asked me ...
March/April 2009
Rob Hassan For all practical purposes, Rob Hassan is a self-taught artist. He has attended many traditional drawing and painting classes over the years, with the pinnacle being at the School of Visual ...
January/February 2009
Abhi Kumar Das Abhi Kumar Das, from Bangalore, India, is an information technology (IT) graduate from Manipal University. He later completed training in animation at Animaster in Bangalore. When he ...

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