You have the unique opportunity to display your art in front of tens of thousands of people each month by showcasing in the CGW Gallery. Have your pieces seen by directors, visual effects supervisors, studio owners, fellow artists, and others as they examine your artwork and offer up helpful critiques.

  • Work must be owned by the submitter
  • Artists should submit no more than 3 images for each gallery entry
  • Include artist's name, email address (optional), image and title of image, and a brief biography (no more than 300 words).
  • Images must be in a JPEG format, 72 dpi, and not more than 1000px wide.

To submit artwork for consideration, send your request to
  • Haj Jomehri

    Haj Jomehri of Lionbrush Studios is a 3D artist specializing in character development. His highly ...   View More
  • Ryan Leitao

    The Ultimate Doom, Tower of Babel, Pygmalion & Galatea. An enthusiastic young artist from ...   View More
  • Seung Lee

    I'm a 3D artist working in video game industry in the US. I love to be a part of a creative process ...   View More
  • Jochem Aarts

    Abandoned Bel Air. The idea came from seeing an old car graveyard. I made a tribiute to one of those ...   View More

Current Gallery

Haj Jomehri
Haj Jomehri of Lionbrush Studios is a 3D artist specializing in character development. His highly detailed and imaginative work is evidence of his strong foundation in fine-art drawing, figures and ...
January/February 2003
Our January/February 2003 artist is Randall Scott, who is a graphic artist with RDTV in Canada. Scott has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Regina in Saskatchewan Canada.
September/October 2002
September's Gallery artist is 28-year-old Lenny Bickford, who is based in New Jersey. For software, Bickford uses mainly Adobe Systems' Illustrator, Corel's Bryce, and procreate's Painter.
July/August 2002
Stitt is a 22-year-old graphic designer who started out using a variety of 2D paint programs, then settled on Adobe Systems' Photoshop, with which she created our featured images. Piotr, 30, whose ...
May/June 2002
The May/June Gallery artist is Frank O'Connor. O'Connor has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Master of Arts degree in Art History from ...
March/April 2002
This month's gallery features the work of David Morgan, Arjuna Imel, Braam Jordan, Ian Smith, Darren Park, Low Ko Wee, and Istvan Pely.
February 2002
This month's gallery features the work of Caisong, Vladin Petrov, Vern Hoffman, Jerome Delattre, Ales Veselka, Rocky Villegas, and Louis Brochu.
January 2002
This month's gallery features the work of Haydn Taylor, Tony Gaitskell, Steven Stahlberg, Laurie Caro, Eric Lim, Thomas Thorstensson, and Tien Yang.
December 2001
This month's gallery features the work of Yassein Hamed Hussain Ghulam, Anthony Nelson, Jomar Machado, Patrik, Karlsson, Andre Surya, Khanh, and Kort Kramer.
November 2001
This month's gallery features the work of Jens Karlsson, Eon, Walt Curlee, Emmanuel Correia, Sean Carnell, Johnny Jenkins, and Thiago Henrique Naves.
October 2001
This month's gallery features the work of Randy Butterfield, Dave Davidson, Wang hui, Ben Needham, Sean Robertson, Juan Siquier and Massimo Zuanazzi.
September 2001
This month's gallery features the work of Kurt Drubbel, Robert Benson, John Hedley, Scott Baumberger, Alex Harmon, Dimitris Ladopoulos, Alexandre Chaves daSilva, and Greg Marlow.
August 2001
This month's gallery features the work of Michael Thomas, David Beker, Marco Caminati, L. Gonzalez, Darren Pasdernick, Marc Radford, and Joaquin (Kino) Gil.
July 2001
This month's gallery features work from the following artists: Li Chen, Len Krenzler, Kerry Cresswell, Bjornar Johansen, Dave Wilson, Mazen Dbouk, and Marco Iozzi.
June 2001
This month, we feature artists David Chappell, John T. Clark, Manoj Mantri, Marc Radford, Peter Taverner, Tibor Madjar, and Andrea Tonin.
May 2001
This month, we feature artists Julio Alves, Desmond Chan, John T. Clark, Mindy Good, Tibor Madjar, and Sergio Parada

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