You have the unique opportunity to display your art in front of tens of thousands of people each month by showcasing in the CGW Gallery. Have your pieces seen by directors, visual effects supervisors, studio owners, fellow artists, and others as they examine your artwork and offer up helpful critiques.

  • Work must be owned by the submitter
  • Artists should submit no more than 3 images for each gallery entry
  • Include artist's name, email address (optional), image and title of image, and a brief biography (no more than 300 words).
  • Images must be in a JPEG format, 72 dpi, and not more than 1000px wide.

To submit artwork for consideration, send your request to
  • Amir Akbarshahi

      View More
  • Briana Franceschini

    Nexus artistically explores the world of connections linking creatures in the animal kingdom. It is ...   View More
  • Jochem Aarts

    Abandoned Bel Air. The idea came from seeing an old car graveyard. I made a tribiute to one of those ...   View More
  • Luca Nemolato

    Luca Nemolato, is born in Naples, Italy in 1991. He is a an italian Concept Artist, CG Modeler & ...   View More

Current Gallery

Amir Akbarshahi
March/April 2007
Adobe Design Achievement Awards – Motion Category Adobe Inc. in San Jose, California, celebrates student achievement through the convergence of technology and the creative arts with the Adobe ...
January/February 2007
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Adobe Inc. in San Jose, California, celebrates student achievement through the convergence of technology and the creative arts with the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. ...
November/December 2006
Wouter Van Vugt, born in 1987 and residing in Holland, started working in 3D as a hobbyist. After a few years, however, he became more serious about the art form. He is currently is a freelance artist ...
September/October 2006
Alexander Kruglov, now a 50-year-old man living in Russia, some years ago bought a video-capture board. Although the board was rather expensive and rare at that time, Kruglov wanted very much to ...
January/February 2006
Josh Parpan is currently attending his third year at Cal Arts in the Experimental Animation Program, choosing this particular program for its respectable teaching philosophy of helping students ...
November/December 2005
Yibi Hu was born and educated in Shanghai where he received a degree in industrial design at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. After a few years working at Motion Magic Studios, he left to pursue a ...
September/October 2005
Banning Stuckey, born Banno Stookaylo, is a 22-year-old new graduate of Full Sail, a school in Winter Park, Florida. Although his main emphasis is on photowork and photo compositing, he also holds a ...
July/August 2005
Iacopo Tumino was born in Rome in April of 1982 and, during his first years of life, he showed an interest in motion graphic design and in free-hand designs too--especially natural and archaeological ...
May/June 2005
Benjamin Schupp, the son of a German and an American, grew up in Germany and is currently living in the United States. He received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts in 2003 from Otis College of Art and ...
March/April 2005
Vladimir Repka, Ph.D Vladimir Repka, Ph.D., born in Bratislava, Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia), creates his art as a semi-professional. Although his main occupation is as a scientist, (largely a ...
January/February 2005
John Vega John Vega is a digital artist living in Boulder, Colorado. A veteran of 20 years in commercial new media, Vega has earned awards as a top interface designer and motion graphics (animation) ...
December 2004
Adam Questell A KYU Design strives to bring a cinematic quality and experience to how people view and learn about the body. By using the now popular 3D illustration medium, A KYU Design is able to ...
November 2004
3DFM: Francesca Crolley and Martin Judd 3DFM was formed more than a year ago. Both artists have been involved in Web and graphic design for many years, working both commercially and for their own ...
October 2004
Dave Davidson Dave Davidson is a freelance product designer/3d visualizer who holds a degree in product design. He has a love of modeling, and spends more than 10 hours each day doing so. Inspiration ...
September 2004
Eliezer Velazquez Eliezer Velazquez is a self-taught artist and sculptor who has been involved in the creation of digital drawings for roughly three years. Velazquez's passion has always been art, for ...

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