You have the unique opportunity to display your art in front of tens of thousands of people each month by showcasing in the CGW Gallery. Have your pieces seen by directors, visual effects supervisors, studio owners, fellow artists, and others as they examine your artwork and offer up helpful critiques.

  • Work must be owned by the submitter
  • Artists should submit no more than 3 images for each gallery entry
  • Include artist's name, email address (optional), image and title of image, and a brief biography (no more than 300 words).
  • Images must be in a JPEG format, 72 dpi, and not more than 1000px wide.

To submit artwork for consideration, send your request to
  • Luca Nemolato

    Luca Nemolato, is born in Naples, Italy in 1991. He is a an italian Concept Artist, CG Modeler & ...   View More
  • Sanjay Singh

    I am a 3d Artist from India. I Started my career in animation industry as a 3D modeler for a small ...   View More
  • Elijah Bell

    My name is Elijah Bell Jr. I am a Visualization specialist. This is project that I used to develop ...   View More
  • Nicolas Brunet

    My name is Nicolas Brunet aka 1k0, I'm a 3D generalist and short animated movie director working as ...   View More

Current Gallery

Luca Nemolato
Luca Nemolato, is born in Naples, Italy in 1991. He is a an italian Concept Artist, CG Modeler & Texture Artist for Films, Video Games,Commercials and TV Shows.He has professional experiences as ...
July/August 2011
Sanjay Singh, a Computer Science graduate from India, started his career in the animation industry as a modeling and texturing artist five years ago. He later trained artists in 3D production, and now ...
CGHUB Warriors Challenge Winners
The CGHUB Warriors Challenge was a 3D modeling and scultping challenge. With 400+ participants, about 65+ final entries, the contest ran for 3 months from October 15 2010 - January 15 2011, with a 15 ...
March/April 2011
Khalid Al-Muharraqi Bahrain artist Khalid Al-Muharraqi, owner of Muharraqi-Studios, often incorporates the style of the Middle East into his work. In fact, the Portfolio section in the March 2011 ...
January/February 2011
Rizal Ulum Rizal Ulum, from Bandung, Indonesia, was a 3D hobbyist with a background in animal husbandry. Ulum loves to create art, especially 3D artwork. It is no longer "just a hobby," he says, "but ...
November/December 2010
Students at Gnomon School of Visual Effects have produced some otherworldly art inspired by Halloween. For more about the school, its students, and hauntingly good artwork, visit ...
September/October 2010
A vast majority of Ramon Colon’s artwork is polygon and sub-polygon division modeling. He employs DAZ Studio from DAZ Productions for large visual compositions, as well as Pixologic’s Zbrush and DAZ ...
July/August 2010
Jason A. Laramie is a certified medical illustrator (CMI) and designer. He earned a BA in Medical Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology, which included structural gross anatomy ...
Comic-Con 2010
Comic-Con 2010: San Diego, California
CGW/Post Mad Hatter Party
CGW and Post magazines hosted a Mad Hatter Party at the Freakin’ Frog, giving our readers and advertisers a well-deserved break during all the NAB action. Show-goers were sent on a booth hop to ...
March/April 2010
Geoff Sills, a 17-year-old senior at Hanover High School near Richmond, Virginia, discovered computer modeling in a course offered at his high school. "I was amazed and so fascinated the first time ...
January/February 2010
Earl Einhorn started programming in Fortran in 1968 as the Master Actuarial Programmer for Equitable Life. His educaton was in Electrical Engineering at CCNY but he ended up in Mathematics. “My love ...
November/December 2009
Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator, cartoonist, and historian, living and working in Dublin. He is a member of the IGI (Illustrators Guild of Ireland) and AI (Associazione Illustratori Italiani) ...
September/October 2009
Sandro Ghezzani is an Italian architect, graduated at the University of Florence, and lives in Italy. He is specialized in bio-architecture and acoustic analysis/project. He is working in a studio ...
July/August 2009
Anna Ursyn uses the computer on different levels: first, by drawing abstract geometric designs for executing her computer programs. Some of the computer programs produce two-dimensional images; others ...
May/June 2009
Ryan Zak’s induction into digital content creation is as unique as his art. “I actually worked as a financial analyst, internal auditing and investigations, for several years, when a friend asked me ...

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