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Courting Controversy Article of June 2009 (Mad World)
Red Five
Posted: Wed, Jun 17, 2009 12:08 pm
I just finished reading the above named article and wanted to voice my opinion about the issue. First a little background. I enjoy video games frequently and while I was in Iraq with the military I played a little more than usual. Some games were war games and featured some graphic scenes. Most of them were tasteful and didn't go too far with the gore or violence. The writer of the article "Courting Controversy" seemed to be pretty sure that if video games don't get rated so that they can't be marketed then the rating system is crushing their creativity. After reading this article, I watched the first couple of seconds to the trailer of the above mentioned game. I was shocked. I turned it off very quickly and I'm a war veteran. This kind of game is not art, it is senseless violence and I wouldn't want my children to even watch the preview. The article's author also said that the violence was not gratuitous and yet the video game's web site focuses on the violence and killing. How is that not gratuitous? I'm concerned that we as a society are taking freedom of speech too far and that it is going to end in the demoralization of the country.