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C U Real Soon
Posted By Barbara Robertson| May 20, 2009
I woke up in a traveler’s nightmare. The blue numbers on my bedside clock blinked five-thirty. The letters OMG flashed in my head. I was screwed. I had to catch a five-forty airporter shuttle to make a seven o’clock flight. I had ten minutes. For a moment, time stood still. BAM, ZAP, ZOWIE. A thousand thoughts exploded in my sleepy brain. I could call in sick for Disney’s press briefing in Burbank ...
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Going in Circles Can Take You Somewhere
Posted By Barbara Robertson| May 20, 2009
Last November, I traveled to two computer graphics conferences in Europe on back-to-back trips. The View conference in Turin, Italy, which I wrote about here ( ) was a real eye-opener, and I definitely hope to return. I had been to eMagiciens, the second conference, before, so I wasn’t surprised ...
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