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The Internet sure seemed like a good idea at the time
Posted By Kathleen Maher| May 20, 2009
Here’s the set up – the writer at her desk. Tappity tap tap tap, writity, write, write write. Then, a pause, a thought, she turns to the Internet to check an assumption. Time passes. The tapitty tap tap tap, has slowed to the occasional tap, tap. There’s no writity write write write. There’s only the slow tap tap tap of an Internet zombie. The mood is gone, all productivity is shot. There’s no 12 ...
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Andy Wahol, the father of social networking
Posted By Kathleen Maher| May 19, 2009
The Andy Warhol exhibit just closed at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco with a party and performance by SF punk vets the Mutants. The DeYoung show brought back memories and recreated a little corner of the Warhol's Factory where everyone was a star. In fact, they were superstars. Andy promised each and every one of us stardom, and he also exhorted us to go out and create our own art and music a ...
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