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  • SIGGRAPH: It's a Wrap

    Posted By Barbara Robertson

    OK, I missed a few things - the keynote with all the famous directors. The business forum on Sunday. Talks I wanted to hear. Technical papers presentations I wanted to see. Vendor booth demos I just couldn't sit all the way through. It's always that ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH: It's a Wrap" »

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  • 40th SIGGRAPH Wrap

    Posted By George Maestri

    SIGGRAPH turned 40 in Anaheim this year. The conference has really come a long way in that time, and a lot of the attendees were way too young to remember the first. This year's conference was close enough to Los Angeles to attract a lot of local ... Continue reading "40th SIGGRAPH Wrap" »

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  • SIGGRAPH, Always a Great Show

    Posted By Karen Moltenbrey

    I am finally recovered from the crazy-busy week that was SIGGRAPH. In fact, SIGGRAPH for me starts in May and doesn't quite end until a good week after the show ends. At CGW, SIGGRAPH is much more than a five-day event. Emails begin to double in ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH, Always a Great Show" »

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