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Epic Graphics
Posted By Andrew Burnes| June 12, 2012
Last year at GDC 2011, Epic Games unveiled their Unreal Engine 3 Samaritan demo in partnership with NVIDIA, giving gamers a preview of next-generation graphics. Pushing three GeForce GTX 580s operating in SLI to their limit, Samaritan wowed all with a level of fidelity previously unseen in a real-time demonstration. At GDC 2012 Epic showed the Samaritan demo once more, but instead of three GTX 580 ...
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Nvidia's VGX Technology
Posted By Alex Herrera| June 05, 2012
Nvidia fills its annual Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) with details on all kinds of uses for its GPUs. This year, the company showcased VGX, a technology for harnessing its new Kepler GPUs as remote renderers to serve many, potentially distant and heterogeneous client platforms. (See "Nvidia launches the Kepler era," ...
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