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Student Volunteer Blog #3
Posted By Elana Kopelevich| August 06, 2009
Pixar's latest short, Partly Cloudy, was yet another cinematic masterpiece from the company that can do no wrong. You may be surprised to learn that Peter Sohn, although he had worked in at Pixar for nine years, was a first time director with this ...
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Student Volunteer Blog #1
Posted By Amanda Young| August 05, 2009
Monday and Tuesday Smiling faces, giddy laughter and the occasional, “FJORG!” fill the New Orleans convention center walls as soon as one walks through the promising glass doors. Exhibitors rush to their booths, speakers hurry to their respective ...
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SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans
Posted By Joshua B. Corken| August 05, 2009
Well, to be honest it's not small at all. The Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques, shortened to SIGGRAPH for obvious reasons, got its start in 1974 and has grown to see attendance numbers rise to 40,000 people. That's a lot ...
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Student Volunteer Blog #2
Posted By Estefanía Martínez González | August 05, 2009 Confessions from outer space WOW!!! Amazing experience the first day at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans!! Have you heard this before? Yes. I’m sure that I am not the first person in saying that, but I am also pretty sure ...
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What NOT to Do at Siggraph New Orleans
Posted By Josh Corken| August 02, 2009
Planning to travel to New Orleans soon, are you here for SIGGRAPH, or have you ever been to the Big Easy? Well, whatever the case, these are things that you should not do or just keep in mind while you are here. All tips and tricks are provided by ...
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The time is ripe for the merging of photography and 3D
Posted By Gisela Reger| July 01, 2009
(July 1, 2009) When asking a photographer about his or her experience with 3D-technology one often still meets negative bias, misinformation and maybe even risks offending someone‚s professional honor. The photographic community often sites an ...
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Casualties of the Recession
Posted By Martin McEachern| June 23, 2009
The econopocalypse has blazed a path of destruction through every sector of the economy—leaving Chrysler and now GM in bankruptcy. Now, it looks like the wave of destruction is bearing down on the effects industry, too, refuting the theory that this ...
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