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ShadowGun: Optimizing For Mobile Sample Level
Posted By Will Goldstone| April 04, 2012
Here at Unity, we want to offer you the smoothest experience for making fantastic games. One of the biggest parts of our job is ensuring that Unity is a highly performant platform for you to deploy to mobile devices, but when it comes to getting the ...
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5 Ways To Know When You're Done
Posted By Jason Womack| March 08, 2012
Five Ways to Know When You're Done with What You're Doing HOBOKEN, NJ - If you often feel like you've barely skimmed the surface of what you should have accomplished on a given work day, I have a secret for you. When you learn to "know when you're ...
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Pitt Research Suggests 1000x Performance Increases In Smartphones, Laptops
Posted By | March 07, 2012
PITTSBURGH - Many of the communication tools of today rely on the function of light or, more specifically, on applying information to a light wave. Up until now, studies on electronic and optical devices with materials that are the foundations of ...
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BFX Imageworks Completes VES Package
Posted By Steven M. Blasini| March 07, 2012
LOS ANGELES - BFX Imageworks ( designed and executed the entire animated graphics package displayed at the 10th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards ceremony, in addition to editing and producing the Nominee Montage reel that ...
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The Technology Behind The VFX In Hugo
Posted By Efrain Rovira| March 06, 2012
What an exciting time for Pixomondo who won their first Academy Award for their visual effects work on "Hugo" at the 84th Academy Awards! Visual effects supervisor Ben Grossmann and digital effects supervisor Alex Henning of Pixomondo, along with ...
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GPUs Help 'Act Of Valor' Filmmakers Capture Navy SEAL Combat
Posted By Dominick Spina| March 02, 2012
Act of Valor - the first movie to use active-duty US Navy SEALs - is one of the most anticipated films of 2012. Its innovative shooting and production approach puts you "in the boots of the SEALs." And GPUs made it all possible. The Los Angeles Times ...
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SIGGRAPH 2011: From a Student's Eyes
Posted By Karla Monterrosa| August 16, 2011
I'm a junior at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, where I'm an animation major with a minor in illustration. I love animation and appreciate all its forms; my biggest passion is pre-production work, especially storyboards. Meeting people who ...
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