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Dell Precision Workstations Receive Speed & Memory Updates
Posted By Rahul Tikoo| June 30, 2016
It's an exciting time for creators. With all the new technology and solutions coming to the market, professional creators now have more powerful and comprehensive tools at their disposal than ever before. From filmmakers and artists to designers and ...
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Kraken 1.2 for Fabric Engine
Posted By Eric Thivierge| June 24, 2016
Early this year we released Kraken 1.1 which provided compatibility with Fabric 2.0. A lot has happened since then and this post will let you know all about the latest and greatest update, Kraken 1.2. In a nutshell, Kraken is an Open Source rigging ...
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Dell Powers 'The Angry Birds Movie'
Posted By Karl Paetzel| May 27, 2016
In advance of the movie's release, Dell co-hosted an event with NVIDIA and Sony Pictures Imageworks in Los Angeles, featuring a panel discussion on the technology and creative process behind the film followed by a VIP screening for our customers and ...
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GTC 2016 - The Future Is Here
Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| April 06, 2016
SAN JOSE, CA - The Nvidia GTC conference kicked off in San Jose, and the first day proved to be quite impressive. In fact, I was won over during the first two hours, which was when Nvidia co-founder/CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivered his keynote speech. ...
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Lenovo Commits To Bringing VR Solutions To Pro Industries
Posted By Robert Herman| April 05, 2016
Imagine opening the door of a gleaming new building and touring each floor before the groundbreaking even takes place. Or seeing every piece of an innovative new automotive engine powering a spectacular new car before the block is cast. Or using that ...
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Rendering Made Easy: Iray Server Makes Light Work Of Complex Design
Posted By Phil Miller| February 24, 2016
Ever wish you could harness the power of an entire network of workstations to make light work of your most complex designs? Now you can, with Iray Server, our distributed rendering software. Available for a free 90-day trial starting today, Iray ...
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Nvidia's Iray Comes To Autodesk Maya, Enabling Faster, More Accurate Designs
Posted By Cassie Thibodeau| December 18, 2015
Autodesk Maya users can create their designs faster and more easily than ever, thanks to our new Iray plug-in for the popular software. Maya is used by tens of thousands of designers, as well as commercial production companies that service the needs ...
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