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Posted By Lya Beatriz Pelegrini| July 22, 2013
São Paulo State University (Unesp)/ Public Relations/ Sophomore This is my first time in SIGGRAPH After the long time waiting, this week SIGGRAPH begins! For some Students Volunteers, it has already started. On July 19, some of them applied to take ...
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Cloud Computing: How GPUs will Change Your CG Dreams
Posted By | April 24, 2013
The Dream Here is my dream. I want the hardware to be able to calculate liquid and smoke simulations in real time and near real time updates with lighting changes. I want to be able to handle immensely complicated scenes without the viewport ...
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VR Could Help People Lose Weight; Fight Prejudice
Posted By Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz| November 05, 2012
COLUMBIA, MO - Internet-based interactive games and social media outlets have become intertwined with the physical realities of millions of people around the world. When an individual strongly identifies with the cyber representation of themselves, ...
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Kickstarter: 'Baby Snakes'
Posted By | October 15, 2012
Fundar, a newly formed interactive game studio that brings "all ages fun and casual games" to market, has put "Baby Snakes" on its Kickstarter crowd funding page. "Baby Snakes" is the follow-up casual game to "Snake Mayhem," one of the first classic ...
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Kickstarting 'The Goon'
Posted By | October 15, 2012
Mobsters. Zombies. Killer robots. Demon priests. Sound like your typical animated film? Not quite. Now, it just has to get made. David Fincher, Blur Studio, Eric Powell and Dark Horse Entertainment have come together to launch a Kickstarter campaign ...
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Video Editing: Making The Switch From Mac To PC
Posted By David Bourne| September 18, 2012
In my work as a video editor and as an instructor, I try to focus on the importance of storytelling over the importance of the tools. But it's hard. Good storytelling elements never change, whereas video editing tools change like the weather. For ...
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Bill Moggridge, Stanford Professor & Developer Of Laptop, Dies At 69
Posted By Bjorn Carey| September 17, 2012
Bill Moggridge made our world function a little more smoothly and beautifully. He has many credits to his name: Developer of the laptop computer design. Director of the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Co-founder of IDEO, a ...
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