Epic's Bullet Train
11-Feb-2016 | Projects
Epic has been gearing up for the VR revolution with technology and content for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Using the Oculus Touch controller for locomotion, Epic has built a world-scale VR gunfight e ...
Epic’s Showdown Cinematic
11-Feb-2016 | Projects
Epic Games has created a virtual-reality tech demonstration, Showdown, available as a free download. The cinematic, bullet-time action "experience" is available for a selection of VR systems, namely t ...
The Walk
11-Feb-2016 | Projects
Atomic Fiction had to build an exact replica of the Twin Towers for the film The Walk. Then they had to re-create the famous walk by Philippe Petit as he traversed a wire between the two buildings, 11 ...
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In the Heart of the Sea - Trailer #2
11-Feb-2016 | Trailers
Digital water and a CG antagonist are featured in this recounting of a New England whaling ship's sinking by a giant whale in 1820, an experience that later inspired the great novel “Moby-Dick.”
Norm of the North - Trailer #2
11-Feb-2016 | Trailers
In this 3D CGI feature film, Norm the polar bear travels to New York City to stop a developer from building condos in the Arctic.
The Secret Life Of Pets
11-Feb-2016 | Trailers
Universal and Illumination Entertainment will release The Secret Life of Pets on July 8th. The CG film features the voice talents of Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet and Louis CK and will be presented in ...
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SIGGRAPH 2015 – Derek Potter & Jarrod Kozeal – Vicon
27-Aug-2015 | Siggraph
SIGGRAPH 2015 - Matt Welker - Shotgun Software
27-Aug-2015 | Siggraph
SIGGRAPH 2015 - Colin Cupp - Autodesk
26-Aug-2015 | Siggraph
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Industry Shows & Events

Post TV/CGW TV 2015: Terry Curren from Alpha Dogs
16-Apr-2015 | Industry Shows & Events
Terry Curren from AlphaDogs talks about the Editor’s Lounge panel prior to the show, and was not taken aback at any new announcements at the show this year. In one year, Adobe Premiere has made large ...
Post TV/CGW TV 2015: Simon Robinson from The Foundry
16-Apr-2015 | Industry Shows & Events
Simon Robinson from The Foundry discusses the improvements to its Nuke Studio product and its new Non-commercial Nuke. The company also showcased tools centering around VR for those doing live-action ...
Post TV/CGW TV: Greg Ciaccio from Modern VideoFilm
16-Apr-2015 | Industry Shows & Events
Modern VideoFilm’s Greg Ciaccio talks about the company, which has two divisions: content and creative services. Ciaccio highlights his “finds” at the show, especially HDR.
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SIGGRAPH 2013 CGW Student Volunteer Get Connected! Session: Welcome
7-Aug-2013 | Education/Tutorials
Karen Moltenbrey, chief editor of Computer Graphics World, kicks off the sixth annual CGW Get Connected! session at SIGGRAPH 2013 for the Student Volunteers.
SIGGRAPH 2013 CGW Student Volunteer Get Connected! Session: John ('DJ') DesJardin
7-Aug-2013 | Education/Tutorials
John DesJardin is a well-known visual effects supervisor with more than 30 film credits to his name, the most recent being Man of Steel. DJ stepped students through what he calls highlights and lowlig ...
SIGGRAPH 2013 CGW Student Volunteer Get Connected! Session: Jenny Fulle
7-Aug-2013 | Education/Tutorials
Jenny Fulle, founder of The Creative-Cartel, discusses her unique career trajectory, from janitor at ILM, to executive VP of Production/Executive Producer for Sony Pictures Imageworks, to visual effec ...
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Siggraph 2016 - Render the Possiblities
2-Feb-2016 | Partners/Sponsors
13-Jan-2016 | Partners/Sponsors
Vancouver Film School: AMD Professional Graphics Success Story for Education
3-Aug-2015 | Partners/Sponsors
AMD and HP provide the powerful workstations used by students at the Vancouver Film School (VFS), Canada's premier post-secondary entertainment arts institution. VFS Manager Director, Marty Hasselbach ...
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